How Do You Make A Hormone?

10 Nov

Please excuse the title. It’s a really bad joke, and I can’t even remember the correct punchline. If you can think of a good one, let me know!

I’m on a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment. Suddenly work has picked up through the roof – you’d think that was good but it’s a bit of a minimum-wage pity effort from my dear old Dad. Going from working part-time and with complete flexibility, to having to juggle clients is really quite overwhelming. Taking the financial weight off is a wonderful gift, though.

I don’t know if it’s pregnancy hormone stuff, but I’ve been really easily upset by things. Bloggers who giggle as their commenters gloat and shriek; pretty much anything I learn about Christine O’Donnell; the new McDonalds advert where all those people seek respite from their horrible journeys; the way some people have never used punctuation in their lives until they hyphenate their child’s name, Mollee-Faiye-Boo.

I’m at – as they say in the online pregnancy world – 5+1, five weeks and one day. Last time, the trouble began at 5+3. I know that once I pass that imaginary hurdle, there are still another 40 days or so until I’m out of the high-risk zone. I envy mothers-to-be who don’t even let this cross their minds and spend these first few months in giddiness, but don’t begrudge it remotely. Staying positive, cuddling beautiful Meg a lot and just taking good care of myself!

I’ve embarked on a pregnancy-friendly weight loss regime, inspired by the great success of Claire at Cakes and Bunting. Slimming World works on the principle of eating foods that are low in calorie density until you are full, ensuring that you eat nutrient-rich foods every day, and allowing room for treats. I don’t know why I’ve been ignoring it this long – I know several people who have been seriously successful with the diet, and I’m not talking about the “OMG! My size 6 jeans are a little tight!” types, but people who have actually improved their health and their life through weight loss.

I’m questioning whether or not the denial may be attributable to the same-old self-sabotage, but the navel-gaziness of it all seems a little pointless when considering the real goal – to start dejiggling.

For accountability’s sake, this is what I’ve been tucking into the past few days –

Tuesday: Lentil-rice casserole with Mulligatawny cup-soup for flavour; brussels sprouts with a whole roasted butternut squash stuffed with rice, parmesan, tomato sauce, olive oil and fat-free fromage frais.

Wednesday: Mushroom omelette; grapes; borlotti beans stir-fried with asparagus; salmon with lentil-rice casserole and roasted broccoli; fried bananas with sugar.

I’ve been delighted to eat such tasty stuff, and I’ve been inspired to eat more veggies. My big flaw when it comes to calorie counting is not being bothered to eat vegetables. I become so focussed upon calories and hunger that everything else goes out the window.

You may have noticed my new-found love of this lentil-rice casserole. I discovered the recipe via Frugal n Fit, and have become addicted – it’s just so creamy and filling and comforting. Essential in this godforsaken weather. The original recipe is here, a fantastic resource for recipes, but I’ve generally been going with (by volume) one part lentils, one part arborio risotto rice, six parts water, and whatever herbs or spices I think will be suitable with whatever it’s accompanying.

Questions –

Do you recognise habitual hurdles in your efforts to keep healthy?

Is there a dish that you could just cook day in and day out and never tire of?


7 Responses to “How Do You Make A Hormone?”

  1. Jill@MyAdviceQuarterLife November 11, 2010 at 4:14 am #

    This isn’t really anything you cook, but I could eat PB&J for breakfast lunch and dinner. Pretty high class 😉

    • Becca November 11, 2010 at 5:51 pm #

      If it weren’t for my peanut-phobia, I would so be a PB&J kind of girl!

  2. Peridot November 11, 2010 at 10:57 am #

    I definitely have phases on foods where I eat them every day – ultimately I move on to something else. I’m MAD on Waitrose Duck Gyoza soup at the moment – it’s very low cals/fat but yummy. Although admittedly not very filling.

    I’m with you on the hyphenated names. Although they don’t have to be hyphenated to be awful. A friend of a friend is going to call her son either Ulysses or Aeneas. And a collegue of the bf has children called Tarquin, Nimrod, Persephone and Isis. And he (bf) criticises my love of the names Jonty and Jago!

    • Becca November 11, 2010 at 5:56 pm #

      Duck Gyoza soup? How have I not discovered this yet? *Heading off to Waitrose now*.

      Aeneas? Oh wow. I remember all the giggles when we did Dido and Aeneas at school. Some parents do not consider their poor children at all! I know a couple of Tarqs – it’s not so bad, but Nimrod is used as an insult! Being one of three Rebeccas in my class was quite boring, so I’d definitely aim for something between number 20 and number 100 on the popularity list when ours arrives – not too plain; not too crazy!

  3. Kat November 15, 2010 at 2:03 am #

    I could eat basically any roasted vegetable day-in and day-out. They’re just unreal.

    I think the hardest thing for me is making sure I don’t feel deprived. Because the moment I do, the deep end is near as is the feeling that All Is Lost.

    • Becca November 15, 2010 at 9:22 am #

      That’s so true. Nothing makes you crave a food more than it being excluded in some way!

  4. Summah November 17, 2010 at 8:49 pm #

    I routinely try to get all my water in and find myself refusing things I used to eat a lot because I know they bear no value to me. My constant comfort: grilled cheese sandwiches. Or peanut butter.

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