Some Simple Truths

7 May

Some Muslims are bad people. Some Christians are bad people. Some Jews, Sikhs and Hindus are bad people… Some atheists are bad people. You see where I’m going here. The majority of people of each of the groups and others I haven’t mentioned seem to be somewhere in the average-to-good regions, just getting on with their lives.

Some gay people are promiscuous and live a hedonistic lifestyle. The same applies to a heck of a lot of straight people, too. Awesome and crappy parents appear in all sorts of family situations – single parents and couples, gay and straight.

We can all take quotes from ancient scriptures out of their historical context and use them as instruments of hate – either to denounce all those who follow a faith as evil or hypocritical; or to persecute some group out there. Here’s my take on it – if your interpretation of your religion or other moral code tells you to hate anyone, make sweeping judgements, or gloat over death, then you’re doing it wrong.

I hope that most people who read this are thinking “well, duh”. Unfortunately, in the past few weeks I have been reminded that not everyone feels this way.

There are people who blame the entire Muslim community when a few hateful extremists threaten to demonstrate at the Royal Wedding.

There are those who believe that the location of your mother’s uterus on your date of birth validates or invalidates your right to an opinion, or even to more basic needs.

There are some who are so frightened by the absurd concept that gay people pose some kind of threat to them, that they ban the use of the word “gay” in schools.

I seem to get more easily upset by the shittiness of the world the closer I get to bringing new life into it. I guess my only hope is to bring him up as well as we can. Beyond that? I still have to figure it out. In the meantime, I resolve to continue to not shut up when I hear someone saying something that turns my stomach.


One Response to “Some Simple Truths”

  1. greekmelie May 8, 2011 at 9:21 pm #

    I cannot agree with you more! And it never ceases to amaze me how many people still believe those things! And unfortunately the Bin Laden death somehow brought out more of those! Somehow in the last few days I have heard more of those absurdities than in the entire last year. I cannot understand why after the Bin Laden thing they felt more justified to go after all Muslim world and somehow there is some correlation with the Jews and the gays that I cannot understand but they do in their heads. I get really upset and I am not even pregnant…

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