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Stuff I Really, Really Need*

23 Feb

*Oh ok… I’m being silly, but how cute are these?

No pressure, kiddo, but Mum and Dad are both spreadsheet geeks with a history in Big Four audit…

Labyrinth is one of the most awesome films ever, and I have been subjected to David Bowie for as long as I can remember! Also, I completely understood Jennifer Connelly’s character – I used to wish goblins would steal my sister all the time.

Because let’s face it – it probably was!

I absolutely adore the idea of the Etsy Alchemy function, and I’m contemplating commissioning something baby-related. What would you put on a babygro/onesie?

Please click on the photos themselves for the sources, all at

Star Wars-tastic!!

30 Jun
I came across two beyond-amazing picture posts relating to Star Wars this week. I *love* Star Wars so much, and love nothing more than chuckling away as the awesome Lou Mongello makes ridiculous Star Wars references all throughout his awesome podcast during WDW’s Star Wars Weekends!
First up – to all the princess-haters out there, here’s something gorgeous from Bonnie Burton’s blog
… And as a girl who named her Ford Ka Kitty, I just adore these from Hello Wars on Etsy
Unfortunately, my plan to buy enough stickers to cover our white Skoda Fabia (aka the Storm Trooper) has fallen flat, as it has failed its MOT and will be sold to the highest bidder for parts… *sigh*
If you were to sign up to one of the fan legions, would it be…
c) Star Wars? Is that like Star Trek?

Look Away Now, Patrick!!

1 Jun

… because I am so buying these for his w-day present. How perfect for a poker addict and an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding?

From Etsy seller, Crimson King

Etsy Gorgeousness 14 May

14 May

I’m particularly obsessed with the handmade/vintage site, Etsy, and have decided that so many of my Becca Loves would end up linking back to this heavenly place, that I’m just going to bite the bullet and make it a regular feature.

Here are a couple of beauties that caught my eye this week.

Antique Bronze Metal Keys from craftisland

Craft Island is based in Canada, and features so many beautiful charms and chains for crafters. These beautiful key charms would be a perfect detail for our Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding this August!

breathecontemplation collection from banished

Maybe I’m channelling Neil Patrick Harris, but I adore these motivational words that are cropping up in interior design across the world. These pieces made by Scott Snyder in Wisconsin are so inspiring – I feel like I should carry this one in my handbag at times!

Disney Little Golden Books by feathermar

Carrying on down the rabbit hole… My mental wishlist is full of these Little Golden Books. I was such a little bookworm as a child, and it is 100% down to my lovely Mum, who managed to read with me every day, as well as working a full-time office job and picking up after my house-proud-yet-domestically-challenged Dad!

Heather also sells the most heavenly baby tees that she has appliquéed herself.

Please do check out these items and others at Etsy.

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